Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to tell someone you love them, or better yet—celebrate the love you cherish with your significant other with roses, a box of chocolates, romantic dinner, or a piece of jewelry. It may seem a ways away, but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, look no further! Here are our top picks for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift:


Heart-Shaped Jewelry

Everyone knows that hearts are synonymous with Valentine’s Day, so how can you go wrong with a piece of heart-shaped jewelry? The classic, romantic design of heart-shaped jewelry is sure to capture your loved one’s heart! If you are looking for a classic Valentine’s Day present this year, look no further—heart-shaped jewelry is a no-brainer.

Stunning pieces like the Fulfillment Heart Pendant and Fulfillment Heart Earrings are the perfect gift for any special occasion, but especially Valentine’s Day. The classic, romantic design of these pieces will never go out of style!

The scintillating woven design of these Tiffany & Co. Signature Series Woven Heart Earrings are a unique symbol of love, making them another perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

The Whimsical Heart Pendant is another example of a classic heart-shaped gift. The stunning Hearts On Fire diamonds set in this timeless design are sure to capture your loved one’s heart!


 Rose Gold

Thinking about buying roses for your significant other? Why not give her a piece of rose gold jewelry instead! Rose gold jewelry offers the perfect warm, romantic hue—making it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

One of the many advantages of rose gold jewelry is that you can stack and layer it with other metals. That is why the Copley Center Bezel Band and Copley Side Bezel Band are perfect Valentine’s Day presents—their delicate yet dazzling twist on the traditional diamond band makes them perfect to stack, or wear alone.

Speaking of twists on classic designs, the Aerial Triple Diamond Necklace offers a new take on the classic diamond pendant with its sophisticated, fashion-forward design. This necklace is a timeless gift any woman would cherish for years to come!

Still not continued rose gold is for you? Check out the unique yet sophisticated style of the Copley Diamond Stud Earrings. These studs are sure to capture any woman’s heart with their beautiful clover-shaped setting—in yellow, rose or white gold!

If you’re set on a halo design this Valentine’s Day, consider the simple yet unique Atlantico Single Diamond Pendant  The stunning halo of twisted rose gold sets the stage for the pendant’s center stone to sparkle even brighter. This pendant is the perfect addition to any woman’s jewelry collection!

Are you in love with the twisted metal design of the Atlantico Single Diamond Pendant, but set on giving your loved one a ring this Valentine’s Day? Then the Atlantico Diamond Right Hand Ring is for you! This ring is sure to steal her heart with its curving lines, accentuated by a dazzling wave of diamonds.


Symbols of Love

There are many ways to show someone you love them through jewelry—here are a few pieces that are filled with romance and say “I love you” in a new and unique way.

The Copley Double Heart Right Hand Ring for example captures the essence of love with its sophisticated winding metal design, seamlessly blending seven perfectly cut diamonds. Or if you’re looking to make an even more dazzling impression The Copley Double Diamond Heart Right Hand Ring may be for you. There is no question that this ring makes a bold statement with its intricate diamond-studded design.

Any woman will fall in love with this stunning infinity necklace, symbolic of eternal love. The Lorelei Gold Infinity Pendant is a fresh twist on the classic infinity design with its unique scalloped edges, a signature of Hearts On Fire’s Lorelei Collection. This necklace is sure to impress with its timeless, fashion-forward design and bold diamond center!

Are you looking for something even more unique? Then the Lorelei Diamond Necklace may be for you! This diamond-studded piece was inspired by the movement of blowing a kiss to someone you love. With its signature scalloped edges and unique meaning, this stunner is sure to impress your loved one!

Similar to the Lorelei Diamond Necklace, the Lorelei Bracelet features two interlocking kisses, creating a unique look with remarkable sparkle. This delicate bracelet can be worn by itself, or stacked alongside other bracelets for a more fashion-forward look. The Lorelei Bracelet is surely a one of a kind piece any woman would love to add to her collection!


Hidden Hearts

In addition to the romantic, love-inspired pieces found above, Hearts On Fire has found another way to show someone you love them—by incorporating hearts into the designs of select jewelry. Even the smallest details of Hearts On Fire’s jewelry are tailored to feature heart designs, like their necklace clasps and engagement ring galleries. As you can see above in the Illustrious Engagement Ring, the hearts incorporated into pieces such as these add a unique romantic flair to the ring, without taking away from the timeless elegance of the overall piece.

Though the subtle heart motifs are quite stunning, our favorite part of these pieces is what you don’t see. Recently, Hearts On Fire has created a new signature for their jewelry—hidden hearts behind the center diamonds of select engagement rings. As you can see in the Transcend Premier Engagement Ring, the beauty truly is in the details—as the hidden hearts add extra meaning, leaving a heart-shaped impression on the finger of the wearer.

The Lorelei Dream Pave Engagement Ring is yet another example of the beauty of Hearts On Fire’s hidden hearts. With its bold setting, scalloped edges and feminine, fashion-forward design—this ring has a romantic look any woman would love to say yes to!

The Multiplicity Love Collection is truly the epitome of Hearts On Fire’s signature hidden hearts, with its beloved collection of wedding bands (like the Multiplicity Love 7-Stone Wedding Band), and engagement rings (like the Multiplicity Love 5-Stone Engagement Ring and Multiplicity Love 7-Stone Engagement Ring).

These hidden hearts are truly a hidden message of love, making rings from this collection the ideal engagement ring, wedding band, anniversary band or Valentine’s Day gift!


Hidden hearts have also been incorporated into a variety of Hearts On Fire jewelry, like the Lorelei Bow NecklaceInspiration Single Halo Drop Earrings and Inspiration Alternating Halo Bracelet! We think that you’ll agree—Hearts On Fire’s hidden hearts are the epitome of romance, and a true symbol of love. Every woman will love the poetic meaning behind these romantic pieces!

These are just a few ideas we had to get you started, feel free to stop by one of Charles Schwartz & Son’s two locations for expert advice and assistance with your upcoming Valentine’s Day gifts. Show someone how much you care about them this Valentine’s Day with a pair of heart-shaped earrings, a rose gold pendant, or maybe even an engagement ring!