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Rubies, considered to be the kings of gems, are the birthstone for those born in July. With its rich red color, it’s no wonder that this gem symbolizes love, passion, power and enthusiasm for life. For those born in July, or even if you simply love the rich ruby red color, shop our DC vintage jewelry for your next unique piece.

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The name “ruby” accordingly comes from “Rubeus”, the Latin word for red. These fiery gems have been prized throughout history for their color and vitality.

Records suggest that rubies were traded along China’s North Silk Road as early as 200 B.C. as Chinese noblemen adorned their armor with rubies because they believed the gem would grant protection.

According to the American Gem Society, though the ruby has a long history, it wasn’t recognized as a variety of corundum (an extremely hard rock-forming mineral) until 1800. Prior to that, red spinel, tourmaline, and garnet were also believed to be ruby. Even the Black Ruby, one of the famed crown jewels of England, was considered one of the largest cut rubies until determined to be spinel.

Read the history of rubies here.

The Ruby is tough, rating a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, right under a diamond.

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At Charles Schwartz, we have a wide selection of gemstones to choose from, including rubies, to help you find the perfect gift. From cocktail rings and bracelets to earrings and necklaces, the opportunities with this beautiful gem are endless.

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