The Old Mine Cut, also known as an Old Miner’s Cut, is considered a rarity in today’s jewelry fashions.  It’s justifiably coveted by diamond collectors and jewel connoisseurs for its history, elegance and romantic appeal.  The name “Old Mine Cut” refers to the date in which the diamond was cut, the mines that diamonds were typically found in during this time, and the style in which these stones were designed.
Popular in the early 1800s, Old Mine Cut diamonds were typically cut by hand, a sign of the times. This makes the stones perfectly imperfect, with no two exactly the same.  Old Mine Cut diamonds are recognized for their characteristically high crown and small table, giving them a top-heavy appearance.
The recent interest in Old Mine Cut diamonds has led many jewelry makers to replicate the cut and style of these stones.  While these might look similar, they lack the allure and history of a genuine Old Mine Cut diamond.  A true Old Mine Cut diamond has a romance that can only be achieved through time – just knowing that someone wore the same exact jewels long ago is an enticing thought!
Old Mine Cut diamonds were also likely found in mines in India or Brazil, or the “old mines”, before the primary sources in southern Africa were discovered.  Because of their origin, these diamonds might vary in color and clarity, although this rarely depreciated their value in the 1800s.
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