There are so many exciting trends in the engagement ring market this year! From enduring classics to modern twists on traditional styles and resurgence of trends from years past, let’s check out the hottest engagement ring trends for 2015:

Classic Solitiare

The Classic Solitaire 

If it ain’t broke why fix it, right? The solitaire engagement ring has been around for decades, and people love it! This iconic ring is more than a trend, especially when you add in a stunning diamond-studded band. Solitaire engagement rings like Hearts On Fire’s Illustrious Engagement Ring with a Diamond Band have a simple yet stunning style about them, matching with almost any wedding band with ease.

Round Halo

The Round Halo

While the solitaire engagement ring continues to dominate, halo engagement rings have become increasingly popular amongst younger brides. This is due in part to the diamond halo around the ring’s center stone, which creates the illusion that the center stone is larger than it really is. As you can see above with Hearts On Fire’s Transcend Premier Halo, this brilliant design is truly stunning. It’s no wonder that the round halo has become so popular! To learn more about the Halo Engagement Ring Craze check out our blog.

Square Halo

The Square Halo

Another halo made the top trends list? It’s true! If square-cut diamonds are more your style then this is the halo for you. The square halo has been another top contender amongst engagement rings in the past year, and we believe this trend will continue to grow over the next year.

Hearts On Fire’s Euphoria Dream Pave is the perfect example of the square halo style so many brides have fallen in love with. Square halos are the perfect compromise between a classic square, princess or cushion cut ring and a halo design. The square halo frames the center stone perfectly—achieving the same stunning sparkle as its round counterpart!

Double Halo

The Double Halo

Though the popularity of single halo engagement rings will hold strong in 2015, we believe that double halo engagement rings, like Hearts On Fire’s Transcend Dream Double Halo will grow in leaps and bounds.

The striking difference between single and double halos is quite simple. Take everything you’ve loved about a single halo ring, and double it. Two-tier halos have double the diamonds, double the sparkle—double the fun! How could you not fall in love with a double halo engagement ring?

Vintage Look

The Vintage Look

Many vintage looks are coming back in a big way in 2015! The dazzling look and delicate features found in vintage rings like this Michel Beaudry Cushion Cut Platinum ring have captivated many, and will continue to throughout 2015.

Split Shank

The Split Shank Setting

Similar to the double halo trend, why settle for just one diamond band when you could have two? This look is the best of both world—it’s bold yet classic, trendy yet timeless. Rings like Hearts On Fire’s Lorelei Split Shank ring sets the perfect stage to show of your ring’s stunning center diamond!

Unique Designs

Unique, Eye-Catching Designs

The intricate design and show-stopping sparkle of unique engagement rings like Hearts On Fire’s Intertwining Diamond ring make this trend a no-brainer. Why choose a traditional ring like everyone else’s when you could have a ring in a league of its own?

Colorful Center Stones

Colorful Center Stones

Similar to the up and coming trend of unique ring design, engagement rings with colorful center stones are also perfect for the woman with an untraditional style. This trend tell a colorful story that simply cannot be told with a traditional diamond. Colorful engagement rings like SUNA’s Blue Zircon Diamond Platinum ring add a vibrant splash of color to any traditional ring style, creating a distinct statement unachievable with a traditional diamond ring.

Unique Solitaire

One of a Kind Solitaires 

We all know that solitaire engagement rings are a timeless look and the popular choice of many, but why not choose a ring that puts a spin on this classic trend? Rings like Hearts On Fire’s Optima Solitaire ring stand out from the crowd with their unique twists on the traditional solitaire design. The twisted metal halo of this ring, combined with the classic sophistication of its solitaire base makes for a truly dazzling ring, don’t you agree?

Although we call these engagement ring styles trends, in reality they are far from it. Trends like these in the engagement ring market are more accurately enduring trends, never going out of style. We promise they are here to stay! Check out our entire collection of engagement rings  online, or for more engagement ring advice visit your local engagement ring experts and DC’s oldest jeweler—Charles Schwartz & Son.