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Welcome to Charles Schwartz & Son Jewelers, your one-stop establishment for all your jewelry needs. With over 125 years of rich history, our legacy in the jewelry industry speaks volumes about our expertise in jewelry appraisals in DC andCABOCHON AQUAMARINE AND DIAMOND 18 KARAT GOLD COCKTAIL RING selling your jewelry.

What’s the best way to sell my family heirloom? Unveiling the Expert Approach with Charles Schwartz & Son

When it comes time to part with a cherished family heirloom, the process can feel daunting. You’re not just selling a piece of jewelry; you’re passing on a fragment of history and sentiment. This is where the expertise of Charles Schwartz & Son, Washington DC’s oldest jeweler, comes into play. With a legacy spanning over 125 years, we offer a guiding light through the process, ensuring your heirloom is both accurately appraised and thoughtfully sold.

The first step in selling your family heirloom is understanding its true value. This doesn’t just mean its market price, but also appreciating its craftsmanship, history, and the era it represents. Charles Schwartz & Son specializes in the appraisal of antique and designer jewelry, offering a meticulous evaluation that honors the piece’s legacy. Our seasoned experts bring a depth of knowledge and respect to every appraisal, ensuring you receive a comprehensive understanding of your heirloom’s worth.

If you are looking for the right place to take your pieces for jewelry appraisal in DC, contact us to learn more. Whether you have inherited a family heirloom or stumbled upon a hidden treasure, our appraisal services provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your jewelry’s true worth.

Sell antique jewelry in Washington DC: Your Trusted Family Jewelry

Once your heirloom has been appraised, the next step is the sale. At Charles Schwartz & Son, we make this process as seamless and rewarding as possible. Leveraging our extensive network and deep market knowledge, we ensure your piece finds the right home while securing the best possible price. Our commitment to integrity means we handle every transaction with the utmost care, ensuring your experience is positive and fulfilling.

From the striking Georgian Era to the whimsical Art Nouveau period, each era brings forth its own distinctive style and aesthetic, making antique jewelry fascinating to explore.

As the oldest jeweler in the Washington DC area, accumulating over 125 years of experience, we have been trusted by our community for decades. Trust that your most prized possessions are in the hands of people who will treat them as if they were their own.

It is our mission to guide you through the process to sell jewelry in Washington, DC as smoothly as possible.

Where to sell and where to get jewelry appraised in Washington, DC

As your trusted family jeweler, Charles Schwartz & Son invites you to become a part of our legacy. Whether you need a jewelry appraisal, are looking to sell antique jewelry, or simply seeking the perfect piece to add to your collection, we are here to serve you. Visit us today and discover the unparalleled craftsmanship, integrity, and sophistication that define Charles Schwartz & Son Jewelers.

Ensuring your treasured pieces are appreciated and valued correctly is a significant aspect of jewelry ownership. Not only does this provide you with knowledge about your items, but it also secures your legacy for future generations. The appraisal and selling experience with Charles Schwartz & Son is designed to respect the sentimental and financial value of your jewelry, providing a seamless and enriching journey from evaluation to sale.

Connect with the legacy of Charles Schwartz & Son in Washington DC today. Contact us or stop by, and let us help you navigate the journey of your precious pieces with care, professionalism, and confidentiality.