Selling your jewelry with Charles Schwartz and Son: your trusted DC jeweler

Selling your precious pieces can be a daunting task and finding the right jeweler can be a difficult. We understand the importance of respecting and cherishing your old jewelry. Charles Schwartz and Son has been regarded as the most recognizable jeweler in DC for over 130 years. We will guide you through the process of appraising your piece, explaining your piece, and offering the highest possible price.

Before you sell Charles Schwartz and Son: Where to sell jewelry in DC

Before accepting a deal, you need to know what your piece is worth. Here are some factors to consider when valuing your piece:

  • Research the piece. Researching your piece can help you understand how much it should be worth. Look at the material it is made of and determine how old it may be.
  • Consider the quality. Consider the overall condition of your item. If you have a piece that needs repairs or has scratches, it may affect its worth.
  • Consider the rarity. The uniqueness of your piece can positively affect its price. If the piece is one of its kind and rarely found anywhere else in the world, it could be worth more.
  • Consider the demand. Some types of jewelry are more in demand than others. Pieces like engagement rings and wedding bands are always in demand, while others may not be as timeless.
  • Consider the current trends. Selling your jewelry at a time when it is trending will make your piece more valuable. The jeweler may be willing to pay more to satisfy the demand for trending pieces.
  • Get an appraisal. If you’re unsure how to price your jewelry, you can always get an appraisal from one of our expert jewelers. This will give you a more accurate idea of the value of your jewelry and give you confidence when setting a price.
  • Be realistic, flexible, and patient. It’s important to take all factors into account when pricing your jewelry. Understanding the true value of your piece, being ready to sell, and remaining patient throughout the process will help you on your journey.

How to sell jewelry in DC

Our staff of jewelry experts at Charles Schwartz and Son will evaluate your jewelry to offer you the best price. We value treating each and every customer with the utmost care, professionalism, and respect. Our jewelers will walk you through the process of appraising your piece with care and knowledge, explain the details of your piece, and offer you the best possible price. Some examples of pieces we buy and sell include:

Charles Schwartz & Son Jewelers have arguably the finest repair department in the nation’s capital. If your piece needs to be repaired, our team may be able to refurbish it and bring it back to life. Our watch technicians and Master Jewelers are talented craftsmen who have many years of specialized experience to assess the needed repairs.

Charles Schwartz and Son can promise a stress-free and transparent process to sell your precious jewelry. We value embracing the timeless beauty behind each piece and are committed to giving you the best possible price. Contact us today if you’re interested in selling jewelry in Washington DC.