Looking for the perfect piece of vintage jewelry for yourself or a loved one? At Charles Schwartz we have an extensive collection of fine antique and vintage jewelry and if you’re looking to add to your collection we can help.

Timeless Vintage Jewelry in DC You’ll Love

  • Vintage Jewelry DCBruno Guidi 11.88 Carat Moonstone and 18 Karat Yellow Gold Ring– Moonstone is an absolutely captivating stone that has a timeless elegance. Its unique luminance is unlike any other stone on the market. The yellow gold setting gives this ring a bit of vintage flare that will go along with any outfit, casual or black tie.
  • Tiffany & Co. 18 Karat Yellow Gold Honeycomb Link Bracelet– Who doesn’t love a piece from Tiffanys? This stunning gold bracelet will fit in with anyone’s style. The linking honeycombs give the bracelet an interesting detail, perfect as a conversation piece. The tongue and groove clasp offers ease of use and the retro style of this bracelet is sure to turn heads.
  • 4.43 Carat Natural Colombian Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Ring– If you’re looking for a true show stopper, look no further. This emerald ring is a complete statement piece and the statement is “I’m gorgeous”. This ring is perfect for someone looking for a ring to wear on special occasions, or even for popping the question. With gemstone engagement rings seeing popularity, this one sure meets the mark for the perfect ring.
  • 2.95 Carat Round Brilliant and Single Cut Diamond Twist Earrings– Earrings make a wonderful gift for your special someone, or even a close friend or relative. These gorgeous diamond earrings fit perfectly between simple studs and extravagant chandelier earrings. They give the perfect amount of sparkle and elegance while still being great for everyday wear. The pretzel shape gives the earrings an interesting detail without being overpowering.

Our History With Vintage Jewelry Pieces

Since 1888 we’ve been helping our customers find the perfect pieces of vintage, antique, and designer jewelry for them. We have a passion for gorgeous jewelry and our expert jewelers are highly trained. We can discuss different types of metals, stones, and the history of our pieces. We’ll guide you through our collection to help you find the piece you’re dreaming of or even the piece you never knew you’d fall in love with.

To schedule a consultation with one of our jewelry experts and learn more about our DC vintage jewelry collection call 202-363-5432 or click here.