Are you looking for estate jewelry to add to your collection? Maybe you’re interested in starting your own collection of estate, vintage, and antique pieces? Charles Schwartz & Son is here to tell you the difference between the three and where you can start your collection.

what is estate jewelry

What Is Estate Jewelry: The Basics

Estate jewelry is a piece of jewelry that has had a previous owner. However, this doesn’t have to mean that the estate piece was owned by someone who has passed, but rather many people who have sold their estate jewelry to stores such as ours.

While the previous owners of “estate jewelry” have sold their jewelry for whatever reason, this does not change the status of the piece. It’s also important to note that age has nothing to do with whether or not a piece of jewelry is considered estate. Many pieces of estate jewelry may be over 50-150+ years old, however, the determining factor remains with the previous ownership.

Professional Expertise, What Is Estate Jewelry

At Charles Schwartz & Son we have over 130 years of experience in handling designer, vintage, estate, and antique pieces. We have estate jewelry professionals that can help date your piece or pieces you are interested in purchasing with us.

We not only offer estate pieces, but vintage pieces, estate antique and vintage pieces, and more. We have a wider range of selections and knowledge in the various types of period pieces, always happy to answer any and all questions you may have about a particular piece.

What Is Estate Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, and Antique Jewelry?

Antique and vintage jewelry mean two different things. The term vintage jewelry refers to pieces between 50 years and 100 years old. Antique jewelry is considered 100 years old or older.

Vintage jewelry entails pieces that are usually worn and or displayed as they are more readily incorporated into modern-day fashion and less rare/ Antique jewelry is often too valuable to be worn as there is scarcity surrounding antique pieces.

Eras that coordinate with vintage jewels include:

  • Art Deco
  • Retro

Eras that coordinate with antique jewels include:

  • Georgian
  • Victorian
  • Edwardian
  • Art Nouveau

What Is Estate Jewelry and What Kind of Pieces Can I Buy?

Many pieces fall under estate jewelry that may be for sale. You can find things such as:

  • engagement rings
  • necklaces
  • earrings
  • bracelets
  • period style pieces
  • and more!

At Charles Schwartz & Son we also offer vintage, antique, and designer jewelry for purchase. Here you can find things such as cuff links, wedding bands, diamonds, bracelets, brooches, rings, engagement rings, and more. Visit our storefront locations to add to your stunning jewelry collection.

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