Nowadays it becomes more and more difficult to find something truly unique and special, particularly when it comes to jewelry. But when everything seems the same, vintage jewelry in Washington, DC is the exception.

Vintage jewelry trends in Washington, DCvintage jewelry DC

Due to the way jewelry was made in the past, each piece of vintage jewelry in Washington, DC is distinctive, often handmade, and utilized production techniques that are no longer practiced today- making it genuinely irreplaceable.

Whether you prefer the Art Deco era for its feminine yet strong shapes and designs, the Edwardian era for its light, lacey appeal or the Victorian era for its romantic gemstone sets, vintage jewelry DC has something to offer everyone.

The styles of these eras were greatly influenced, not only by the social landscape and trends of their time but also by their cultural and political landscapes as well, so deeply that many were even named after rulers of their time, such as Queen Victoria and King Edward VII.

Choose vintage jewelry for your engagement ring

Vintage jewelry is a great choice for an engagement ring if you want something unique. Vintage engagement rings are often handmade and therefore one of a kind, which can make for a great conversation starter because no one will have a ring quite like yours! One of the most exciting things about purchasing a vintage piece is finding out about its past. Each piece has its own story to tell about a different time in history. Whatever story is attached to your vintage jewelry engagement ring, just being able to have a piece of the past is a special feeling.

The type of vintage engagement ring that a couple chooses can make a statement about their values and relationship. The uniqueness and sincerity of a couple’s love for each other can be symbolized by the engagement ring they choose. At the same time, the distinctiveness of the vintage engagement ring can be a standout from other engagement rings that their friends and peers have picked.

If you’re interested in finding a unique piece of vintage jewelry in Washington, DC, contact the expert jewelers at Charles Schwartz today.