As vintage jewelry DC becomes one of 2018’s top jewelry trends, it brings to mind something Marie Antoinette once said, “There is nothing new except what has been forgotten.”

Vintage Jewelry DC TrendsVintage Jewelry DC

Every day it becomes more and more difficult to find something truly unique and special, particularly when it comes to jewelry. But when everything seems the same, vintage jewelry DC is an exception. Due to the way jewelry was made in the past, each vintage jewelry DC piece is distinctive, often handmade, and utilized production techniques that are no longer practiced today- making it genuinely irreplaceable.

Vintage Jewelry DC Origins

Whether you prefer the Art Deco era for its feminine yet strong shapes and designs, the Edwardian era for its light, lacey appeal or the Victorian era for its romantic gemstone sets, vintage jewelry DC has something to offer everyone.

The styles of these eras were greatly influenced, not only by the social landscape and trends of their time, but also by their cultural and political landscapes as well, so deeply that many were even named after rulers of their time, such as Queen Victoria and King Edward VII.

One type of vintage jewelry DC, Edwardian, was essentially created by King Edward VII and the styles and designs which he sought after. Known as a playboy and a gambler, King Edward VII sought out intricate, bright jewelry designs that would display his extreme wealth, status and nobility at various social endeavors. Vintage jewelry DC is not only unique because it’s handmade with one-of-a-kind designs, but because of its origins as well. Each piece tells a unique story of the decade in which it was made.

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