A unique, one in a million engagement ring is priceless; consider finding a vintage engagement ring DC for when you pop the question!

How to Choose a Vintage Engagement Ring DC

Consider what style of jewelry your significant other prefers when choosing a vintage engagement ring DC. For example, if they prefer jewelry with hard lines, sharp edges and geometric angles, then an Art Deco style vintage engagement ring DC would be a perfect fit. Or, if intricate, lacey patterns are their preference, then an Edwardian style vintage engagement ring DC would be a better choice. Contrarily, Victorian style vintage engagement rings DC are characterized by opulent and ornate subtleties. The options are seemingly endless.

If your significant other doesn’t wear much jewelry, you can base your choice on their overall sense of fashion, or ask the expert jewelers at Charles Schwartz for help finding the perfect vintage engagement ring DC.

Choosing a Vintage Engagement Ring DC with the Perfect Stone Vintage Engagement Ring DC

A diamond is often the first stone to come to mind when you think of a vintage engagement ring DC, as it is the most traditional choice for a ring. Many vintage engagement rings DC have diamonds as the center stone, making it an easy and obvious choice for your significant other.

However, if you’re looking for a more unique and bold choice, consider a different option for the center stone. Currently, a popular choice for vintage engagement rings DC is sapphire, a trend started largely by the Duchess of Cambridge’s antique family heirloom engagement ring. This trend remains popular today and could be the perfect option for your vintage engagement ring DC. Other great center stone alternatives are tanzanite, pearl or emerald, all extremely unique choices.

We look forward to helping you pick out the perfect vintage engagement ring DC soon!