Charles Schwartz & Son is home to some of the most unique vintage cocktail rings in the nation

Our collection of fine jewelry includes various styles of antique cocktail rings. From classy to abstract, big to small, or traditional to modern, we have it all.

The History of the Cocktail Ring

A cocktail ring is a dramatically large ring that often highlights a colorful gemstone in a complex design or surrounded by diamonds. These rings are more opulent and elaborate than an engagement or wedding ring.

Cocktail rings first emerged during the roaring 1920s. Prohibition was in full effect which banned the consumption of alcoholic drinks, including cocktails. Women were also gaining rights and gradually getting a taste of freedom. These rings were big and bold, the perfect display of glamour to contrast other popular styles and draw looking eyes. Whether it was to mock the prohibition of their favorite drinks, celebrate their freedom, or both, these rings quickly gained popularity.

What Makes a Cocktail Ring?

More than anything else, cocktail rings are bold. They are different from any other ring style for a number of reasons. Everything about a cocktail ring is oversized. The main center stone is typically large, accompanied by a number of other smaller stones in an intricate design or pattern. Along with these stones is usually some kind of metalwork in the same maximalist fashion.

Cocktail rings often host gemstones of vibrant colors including sapphires, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and more. Semi-precious stones and rhinestones could also be included like peridots, citrines, amethysts, and others. The options and pairings of gemstones and metals are endless, which is one of the main reasons why cocktail rings are so unique.

Cocktail rings tend to live on the index or middle finger, avoiding the traditional ring finger. Back when they were first introduced, people wore them on their right hand as a secretive way to signal they wanted a cocktail drink, hence where the name came from.

Why are the Cocktail Rings from Charles Schwartz & Son Special?

Charles Schwartz & Son has been based in the nation’s capital for over 100 years, making us Washington DC’s oldest jeweler. We take pride in meeting the jewelry needs of our customers. Whether refurbishing a family heirloom or finding the right gift for that special occasion, we are here to serve you.

The city of Washington, DC holds an abundance of history, interesting people, and unique art. Not only this, our visitors and guests often hold even more fascinating stories. As a result, our antique jewelry store sees jewelry from every era, designer, and part of the world. Our job is to ensure these pieces find meaningful homes.

Our collection of cocktail vintage rings in Washington, DC, consists of every type of cocktail ring you could imagine. Take a look at some of our favorites below:


If you’re looking for the most unique vintage rings in DC, visit Charles Schwartz & Son to browse our collection of antique cocktail rings!