Shop Estate Jewelry in DCOne of the most unique choices you can make is to shop estate jewelry in DC as each piece is often handmade and one-of-a-kind

Estate jewelry is best defined as previously owned, higher-end jewelry, not jewelry that comes from someone’s estate. If the item is over 100 years old, it is also considered antique. When you shop estate jewelry in DC the expert jewelers at Charles Schwartz will be able to help you distinguish the unique, defining characteristics.

Types of Estate Jewelry

  • Georgian: Jewelry from this era often includes precious stones in designs inspired by nature and were handmade between 1714 – 1837
  • Victorian: The early part of this era, 1837 – 1855, produced intricate, delicate designs with colored gemstones. During the latter part of this period, 1885 – 1900, jewelers became more aesthetic incorporating diamonds and colored gemstones into star or crescent shapes
  • Edwardian: This period is marked by the death of Queen Victoria and the rise of King Edward to the throne, inspiring elaborate designs often containing diamonds, emeralds, or rubies
  • Art Nouveau: This era is characterized as romantic with natural designs featuring delicate curves, butterflies, and flowers
  • Art Deco: Beginning in the early 1930’s jewelry from this era was influenced by cubism, inspiring sharp geometric designs and well-defined patterns
  • Retro: Inspired by the rise of Hollywood this era features bold, elaborate designs with colorful gemstones and pieces meant to be stacked or worn together

When shopping for the perfect estate piece choose a jeweler, you can trust like Charles Schwartz.

For over 100 years, we’ve been helping our DC customers find unique estate pieces, so you can trust our commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether it’s the Edwardian era or Art Deco, finding jewelry you’ll love is easy with assistance from our expert staff.

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