Selling Fine Jewelry in Washington DCWe all have jewelry in our jewelry box that we no longer wear. With the holiday season approaching it might be worth considering selling your fine jewelry from some extra cash.

Charles Schwartz has been your trusted local jeweler for over 130 years, helping many clients sell fine jewelry in Washington, DC. Who knows – you may even find a new item to refresh your wardrobe in the process!

Out with the Old: Sell Your Fine Jewelry in DC

We understand that jewelry can hold fond memories, but there is no reason to let it collect dust in your closet. When you’re considering selling your jewelry, it can be difficult to know how and where to get started.

Here Are A Few Things to Consider When Selling Your Fine Jewelry

Determining the worth of the piece:

The experts at Charles Schwartz can appraise your fine jewelry to determine the value of your piece. There are a lot of factors that go into determining the current value of a piece of jewelry, including things like whether repairs need to be made, wear and tear and the quality of gems and metals on the piece.

Ask questions:

You can expect to be treated with the utmost care, professionalism and confidentiality. The jewelers at Charles Schwartz will provide an explanation of the amount we offer for your jewelry and answer any questions you may have.

Consider purchasing a new piece of jewelry:

Our jewelers can help you replace the piece with something new that refreshes your wardrobe such as a cocktail ring or a new pair of earrings. We have a large collection of unique pieces from vintage and antique to designer jewelry.

Look no further than the local experts if you want to evaluate and sell your fine jewelry in DC. Contact us today.