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Interested in selling your antique jewelry? Charles Schwartz & Sons buys and sells fine antique jewelry in the Washington DC area.

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Trustworthy Place To Sell Antique Jewelry DC

Did you know Charles Schwartz & Son is Washington DC’s oldest jeweler? We have been based in the nation’s capital for over 130 years. We take pride in our name, arguably the most recognizable and finest jewelers in Washington. We take great care in meeting the jewelry needs of our customers.

Whether it is refurbishing a family heirloom or finding the right gift, Charles Schwartz & Son is here to serve you.

Buy And Sell Antique Jewelry

Charles Schwartz & Son makes the buying and selling process of antique jewelry simple. Our staff of antique jewelry experts will be sure to evaluate your antique jewelry, and family heirlooms, and will work to offer the highest possible price.

We work in treating each and every customer with the utmost care, professionalism, and confidentiality.

How To Know If You’re Selling Antique Jewelry

A piece of jewelry is considered “antique” if it is over 100 years of age. Jewelry that is considered antique often comes from high-quality materials with superior levels of craftsmanship. Antique jewelry is often high-quality. Many antique pieces are too valuable to be worn or displayed.

There are several different eras of antique jewelry. These can include the:

  • Georgina Era (1717-1837)
  • Victorian Era (1837-1901)
  • Arts and Crafts Era (1894-1923)
  • Edwardian Era (1901-1915)
  • Art Nouveau Era (1895-1915)

Sell Antique Jewelry or Purchase Antique Jewelry

At Charles Schwartz & Sons we have a variety of jewelry pieces we sell. This includes:

  • Gold jewelry
  • Wedding rings
  • Diamond jewelry
  • Gem stone jewelry
  • Estate jewelry
  • Vintage jewelry
  • Engagement rings
  • and MUCH MORE!

We also sell a variety of different brands. These can include

  • Hearts on Fire
  • Van Cleef Arpels
  • Tiffany and Co.
  • Cartier
  • ALOR
  • and MUCH MORE!

Interested to sell your antique jewelry, call 202-363-5432.