Over the past year rose gold has been an growing trend in the jewelry industry. It’s become increasingly popular, millions have fallen in love with it, but why? Here are our top reasons to love rose gold:

1. It Makes a Bold Statement.

Rose gold makes a bold statement, as you can see with the Atlantico Diamond Right Hand Ring and the Aerial Cluster Pendant!



2. It Has a Romantic Feel.

While most metals on the market today are cool-toned, rose gold’s warm hue offers a romantic feel that is simply stunning, as you can see here with the Transcend Premier Dream Halo Engagement Ring!


3. It Goes with Everything.

Though it looks best when paired with soft pastels and neutral colors, rose gold can complement any outfit! Rose gold pieces like the Atlantico Single Diamond Pendant are the ideal accessory for a casual summer day outfit, as well as chic nights out on the town in the dead of winter!


4. It has a Sophisticated, Feminine Look.

The subtle pink pastel hue of rose gold creates a sophisticated feminine look any woman would love. The feminine look of rose gold makes it a great choice for engagement rings, as you can see with the Illustrious Engagement Ring.




5. It Plays Well With Others.

Since rose gold complements other metal tones well, fashionistas are no longer bound by one metal or another in a given outfit. With rose gold you can mix and match metals—so layer and stack away!


6. Its Warm Hue Complements Any Skin Tone.

Rose Gold is one of the warmest tones of metal you can find, with a calm, soothing effect. Its warm rose hue complements virtually every skin tone, as it brings out the blush tone of one’s skin.




 7. It has a Definite WOW Factor.

Rose gold has a unique look—you can’t deny it. Rose gold’s unique look and complementary nature can result in truly WOW-worthy pieces, like the HOF GO RED Necklace!



8. It Ranges in Hue.

Because rose gold is a combination of gold and copper, the ratio of gold to copper affects the pinkish tone of the gold, results ranging from pale pink-yellow (like the Copley Diamond Stud Earrings), to  pink-orange (like the ILLA Wraparound Comet Ring), to more of a deep pink (like the Aerial Eclipse Pendant).


9. It Looks Stunning with Diamonds, Gems or Pearls.

Rose gold complements more than just skin tones—it looks dazzling with diamonds, gems or pearls, as you can see above in the Necklace with Mother of Pearls and Purple Sapphire and Diamond Drop Earrings.


10. It’s Perfect for Men’s Accessories As Well.

Warm tones of rose gold make the perfect accent for men’s jewelry and watches as well. The unexpected color gives a unique touch—as you can see with the Ball Trainmaster Doctor and Ball Trainmaster Gold watches!

Thanks to the fashion industry, rose gold has finally come into its own. This new-found classic allows the

wearer to mix and match metals freely, and offers a unique look that can’t be matched! For these reasons and many more, rose gold is  the perfect addition to any jewelry collection! Check out our rose gold board on Pinterest  and visit one of the two Charles Schwartz & Son locations to see our entire collection of rose gold jewelry!