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Timeless elegance restored: DC antique jewelry repair services

Here at Charles Schwartz & Son Jewelers, we pride ourselves on having among the finest repair departments in the Washington DC area. With a team of skilled craftsmen, including Master Jewelers and a certified Master Watchmaker, weAntique Estate Gold and Diamond Ring specialize in providing antique jewelry repair DC service.

Our in-house Master Watchmaker is certified to work on all fine Swiss watches, including prestigious brands such as Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, and more. Choosing our in-store service means your valuables won’t be shipped, ensuring a quick and secure repair process. We guarantee that all repairs are performed with the utmost care, leaving your precious pieces looking as radiant as the day it was first purchased.

Our team of Master Goldsmiths and Master Platinumsmiths have over 100 years of combined experience and handle various types of repairs. Whether resizing a ring or repairing an old piece, our skilled jewelers can bring your vision to life. When you trust us with your jewelry, our experts will evaluate the work, comprehensively explaining the entire process.  Your satisfaction and the preservation of your treasured pieces are our top priorities.

Exploring the Beauty of Antique Jewelry

The Georgian Era (1717-1837): Characterized by intricate metalwork and sophisticated designs, these pieces feature motifs like flowers, scrolls, ribbons, and butterflies. Set in silver, gold, or pinchbeck, adorned with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and more, Georgian jewelry is a rare and elegant art form.

The Victorian Era (1837-1901): Named after Queen Victoria, this era produced distinct subsets, each reflecting a period of her life. From the Romantic Period’s love knots and serpents to the Grand Period’s mourning jewelry, and the Aesthetic Period’s practical yet fashionable designs, Victorian jewelry is a rich tapestry of styles and sentiments.

The Arts and Crafts Era (1894-1923): Rejecting industrialism, this era brought a return to traditional, handcrafted jewelry. Crafted from materials like aluminum and copper, Arts and Crafts jewelry showcases imaginative yet simple designs, reflecting the rebellion against modernism.

The Edwardian Era (1901-1915): Known for understated elegance and intricate designs, Edwardian jewelry introduced innovations in gemstone cutting techniques. With platinum and diamonds as primary materials, Edwardian pieces feature filigree, milgrain, and refined patterns inspired by lace and feathers.

The Art Nouveau Era (1895-1915): A groundbreaking artistic movement, Art Nouveau jewelry drew inspiration from nature, featuring fluid and vibrant designs. Creatures, plants, and the female form are expressed through enamel, glass, shells, and unconventional materials.

The Art Deco Era (1915-1935): Born during the Jazz Age, Art Deco jewelry reflects advancements in industry and architecture. Characterized by abstract patterns, geometric elements, and diamond-intensive designs, Art Deco pieces embody the opulence of the Roaring Twenties.

The Retro Era (1945-1960): Originating in France as a distraction from World War II, Retro jewelry is bold, oversized, and glamorous. Embracing big, fun designs and a variety of colorful gemstones, Retro pieces capture the essence of the Hollywood lifestyle.

Antique Jewelry Repair: Preserving pieces with precision

As preservers of history, we understand the significance of antique jewelry. Our DC jewelry repair services not only restore aesthetic beauty but also ensure the preservation of the stories and craftsmanship.

Regular Jewelry Repair DC: Tailored Care for Every Piece

Beyond antique jewelry, our repair department caters to all types of jewelry. Whether resizing, stone replacement, or restoring intricate details, we treat each piece with personalized care. Trust us with your jewelry, and we’ll ensure it continues to shine for generations to come.

Your jewelry means as much to us as it does to you.

At Charles Schwartz & Son Jewelers, our commitment to excellence extends to every repair. Visit our esteemed Washington DC locations and let our skilled craftsmen breathe new life into your treasured pieces. Allow us to be of service to you as we celebrate the enduring beauty of antique and regular jewelry.

If you think you found the place for your Washington DC antique jewelry repair contact us today!