Explore the most unique and precious pendant necklaces in DC

The pendant is one of the most unique pieces in the jewelry world. They are created to draw attention, make a statement, and tell a story. Pendant necklaces have transformed through time, with various styles, details, and trends, but always remain a popular piece. At Charles Schwartz & Son, we have the most unique collection of antique, vintage, and modern designer pendant necklaces.

History of the pendant necklace

The history of the pendant comes from the evolution of primitive practices in which people dating back to the Stone Age would wear amulets or talismans made of teeth, shells, or stones. People from around the world adopted the pendant into their culture and made it their own by signifying religious beliefs, hierarchies, sentiments, and wealth.

Over time, jewelry became more of an artistic expression. Pendants still held deeper meaning, but jewelers began to experiment with more diamonds, gemstones, motifs, designs, and structures. This explosion of creative expression led to pendant necklaces becoming a fashion statement, which has stuck ever since.

Peruse Charles Schwartz & Son’s collection of Washington, DC Pendants

The city of Washington, DC holds an abundance of history, interesting people, and unique art. Not only this, our visitors and guests often hold even more fascinating stories. As a result, our antique jewelry store sees jewelry, including pendant necklaces, from every era, designer, and part of the world. From beautiful art to extraordinary gemstones, our DC necklaces with pendants are truly one-of-a-kind.

See below some of our current favorite gold and diamond pendants. Note how each pendant tells its own story through its unique features, colors, and shapes.

Gold pendants in Washington, DC

DC diamond pendants


Buying a Washington, DC pendant necklace

Each piece in our collection holds a special place in our heart, and we want to ensure it goes to a good home just as much as you want to ensure you’re getting a good piece. When looking for the perfect pendant to add to your collection, you want to be provided all the information and facts about the piece.

Our jewelers at Charles Schwartz & Son have decades of experience and can help you find what you’re looking for. They will walk you through each step in the process from browsing our collection, communicating key features, discussing price, and more. We value communication and transparency, and want to make sure your jewelry shopping experience is as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

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