screen-shot-2019-05-15-at-10-32-16-amDiamond jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, and can be added to necklaces, rings, bracelets and more to make the perfect gift. While each diamond is unique, there are standards in which diamonds are judged. As D.C.’s oldest jeweler, Charles Schwartz has over 130 years of helping people find the perfect diamond jewelry gift.

When Buying Diamond Jewelry in DC, Know the 4C’s of Diamond Quality

The 4C’s of diamond quality is the universal method of testing the quality of a diamond.

Here are the 4C’s:

  1. Color: The evaluation of color is actually based on the absence of color. A perfect diamond has no hue, like clear water. There is a D-to-Z color grading scale that measures the color by comparing diamonds in controlled lighting.
  2. Clarity: Diamonds are the result of tremendous amounts of heat and pressure in the earth, which results in a variety of internal and external characteristics such as blemishes. A lot of these aren’t visible to the naked eye, but to an expert can judge the overall quality to determine its value.
  3. Cut: A diamond’s cut grade is really about how well a diamond’s facets interact with light. The quality of the cut is so important to the final beauty and value.
  4. Carat Weight: This is a measurement of how much the diamond weighs. The larger the diamond, the more valuable it is.

Buying Diamond Jewelry in DC

When considering diamond jewelry most people think of buying engagement rings. Whether your significant other prefers simple engagement ring designs, such as a solitaire engagement ring, or unique statement pieces with colored stones and ornament designs, the experts at Charles Schwartz can help find the perfect diamond engagement ring.

Diamond jewelry offers endless gifts! In addition to diamond engagement rings, the following are also popular diamond jewelry pieces:

  1. Necklaces: Diamonds make the perfect stone to add to a necklace. We offer various designer and vintage necklaces that are perfect for any wardrobe.
  2. Bracelets: Diamonds on a bracelet are sure to turn heads to look at your latest arm candy.
  3. Earrings: Gift a classic, diamond stud set or be bold with hoop earrings and dangle earrings. Either way the diamonds will sparkle in the light.

The experts at Charles Schwartz have seen trends come and go, and will be able to help you navigate the unique pieces to find the perfect diamond jewelry gift in DC. Contact us today.