Planning to ask the love of your life for their hand in marriage this holiday season? Oh, the proposal possibilities are endless!  Here at Charles Schwartz, we are in love with being in love, and what better time of year to profess yours than during the holidays? Here are a few of our all-time favorite proposals, highlighting the best the season has to offer – sometimes it’s okay to embrace the cliché!


On the Ice Rink

There’s a good reason this old staple has been around for so long – it’s undeniably romantic, and with the added holiday merriment it’ll be a dreamy experience for all.  You can certainly expect a warm applause after your partner says ‘yes’!


With a Little Help

What could possibly be better than a cuddly pup?  That cuddly pup carrying an engagement ring, of course!  If you’re just itching to pop the question, having a little help from your furry friend is a sure-fire way to win your partner’s heart (as if you haven’t already!).  Whether you tie the ring to their collar or simply include them in the occasion, it’s bound to be a memorable moment!


A Romantic Treasure Hunt

Celebrating the holidays with your loved ones makes this over-the-top-yet-oh-so-romantic proposal so much fun.  With help from family and friends, you can plan and create a truly unforgettable proposal scavenger hunt, with clever riddles and puzzles finally leading your partner right to you, down on one knee. Swoon.


With Extra Garnish

While we don’t recommend hiding jewelry of any sort into a roast turkey (that is a bad idea), we are in love with the idea of using holiday dinners for romantic proposals.  Surprise your sweetie with a sparkling ring delicately placed on their dining napkin, catch their attention while toasting with champagne, or profess your love with a cleverly decorated dessert.


The Good Old-Fashioned Way

Hey, if it ain’t broke why fix it? If you’re planning to propose but know your other half doesn’t care much for fanfare, don’t be afraid to ask the traditional way – down on one knee when the moment feels right!


Above all else, your proposal should speak from the heart.  If you’ve put thought and time into this momentous event, how could your soon-to-be-fiancé say no?  Proposing this holiday season has never been more fun, especially with a stunning diamond ring from Charles Schwartz.  As Washington D.C.’s oldest, and arguably finest jeweler, we look forward to our unique and eye-catching pieces uniting couples all across the DC metro area.  Find your perfect engagement ring here!