Thinking of getting a jewelry appraisal or selling designer jewelry in Washington DC?

At Charles Schwartz & Son Jewelers, we cater to all your jewelry-related needs. Whether you’re looking to sell your vintage, antique, or designer jewelry, need jewelry appraisals, or require repairs, you’ve found the right place. We don’t just assess jewelry pieces; we also appraise and sell precious gemstones. With over 100 years of service in the Washington DC area, we bring a century’s worth of knowledge and experience. Our collection includes over 40 luxury brands of vintage and antique pieces, and we pride ourselves on our expertise in the field.

Know the worth: where to get jewelry appraised in Washington DC

Sell Antique Jewelry DCWhile a jewelry appraisal may seem unnecessary or more trouble than it’s worth, it’s valuable when looking to sell fine jewelry in Washington DC or for insurance purposes.

An appraisal is a detailed document that describes a piece, assesses its quality, and assigns a general value. The document covers:

  • The quality and condition of the piece
  • Piece measurements
  • Design details
  • Gemstone specifics

Before coming for a professional jewelry appraisal, it’s best to research and analyze your piece. Knowing as much as possible beforehand will give you a better idea of its worth and what to expect.

Once you’re ready, our professional and highly trained appraiser will examine your piece based on the factors mentioned. Your research, depending on its depth, will yield similar evaluations to what the professional appraiser will provide, but with more exact details. Our experts blend each factor and fine-tune evaluations to determine the overall value of your piece, preparing you to sell your high-end jewelry in DC.

Luxury meets opportunity: Where to sell fine jewelry in DC

Selling your fine jewelry can be overwhelming. At Charles Schwartz & Son Jewelers, we treat your precious pieces as if they were our own. With over 125 years of buying and selling designer, antique, and vintage jewelry, our experts make the process a breeze.

Once you have your detailed DC jewelry appraisal, we will evaluate your jewelry and offer the highest possible price. We treat each customer with the utmost care, professionalism, and confidentiality. Constantly expanding our extensive collection, we’re thrilled to consider any pieces you have, especially antique or vintage family heirlooms. Being in the business of antique jewelry in DC for over a century, these pieces hold special significance for us due to their high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

If you’re looking to sell antique jewelry in Washington DC, you’ve found the right place.

To schedule an appointment with one of our jewelry experts for a DC jewelry appraisal or to sell estate jewelry in Washington DC, contact us!