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Estate Jewelry in Washington, DC

Looking for new and unique pieces to broaden your jewelry collection? Consider the elegant estate jewelry pieces that Charles Schwartz & Son has to offer in Washington, DC.

What is Estate Jewelry in Washington, DC?

For those interested in estate jewelry, yet don’t have a full understanding of what it is, it is a term to describe previously owned jewelry that has generally been acquired from the estates of the previous owners, and is often older in nature. Having had a previous owner, estate jewelry tends to be cheaper than what it would be bought for at a new retail price. These second-hand pieces don’t take age into account when defining estate jewelry. A piece that is five weeks old vs. 50 years old can both be considered estate jewelry, as long as it has had a previous owner.

How is Estate Jewelry different than other types of jewelry in Washington, DC?

All jewelry that had a previous owner is considered to be estate jewelry, yet it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is antique or vintage. Technically speaking, vintage jewelry would be an estate piece that is 30 to 50 years old, and antique jewelry would be an estate piece that is 100 years or older. While antique and vintage jewelry would be considered estate jewelry, a piece being estate jewelry doesn’t necessarily mean that it is vintage or antique.

Why should I buy Luxury Estate Jewelry instead of other types of jewelry in Washington, DC?

When buying jewelry pieces, there is a lot to consider besides the appearance of the piece itself. That being said, estate jewelry stands out from the rest because of factors such as:

  1. Price: Having a previous owner, estate pieces are generally sold at much lower prices than pieces of similar nature that are currently manufactured.
  2. History: By buying an estate piece, customers will get a glimmer of the past through the detail and craftsmanship of jewelry-making techniques that potentially no longer exist.
  3. Environment: Purchasing previously owned pieces is better for the environment, preserving the resources necessary to create the style of the jewelry piece.
  4. Quality: Though these jewelry pieces can be a bit older, they have stood the test of time, denoting their high-quality levels.
  5. Uniqueness: As these pieces of jewelry tend to be older, they will have a unique appearance, contributing to your own personal style.

Where can I get Estate Jewelry in Washington, DC?

Looking to expand your jewelry collection with older yet unique pieces? Charles Schwartz & Son is the longest-running jeweler in Washington, DC, here to fulfill all of your jewelry hopes and dreams. For further information about estate jewelry, contact us!