Engagement Ring SettingHave you considered proposing to your significant other but were overwhelmed by the options? When you’re choosing an engagement ring there are several things to consider including budget, stone, and setting. Once you’ve decided on a budget and whether you want the traditional diamond vs. the trendy gemstone ring you can move on to a setting.

Washington, DC Engagement Ring Settings Explained

  • Solitaire– A solitaire ring is one of the most classic looks you can go for. This setting makes the center stone the center of attention. It involves a band with one stone and suits brides who either want something simple or simply want their stone to stand out.
  • Halo– A halo setting has a bit more glam and sparkle than a traditional solitaire setting. This setting typically involves diamonds, or another stone, that encircle the center stone to give it even more pop. These rings can still appeal to a more simplistic bride but the extra stones can give it more flare and even make the ring appear larger.
  • Pave– A pave setting is another that allows for more sparkle. This setting involves diamonds that line the band of the ring and can be combined with a halo to add even more sparkle. This ring, either paired with a halo or not, can be great for the bride who wants a truly eye-catching ring that demands attention.
  • Three-Stone- A three stone ring involves three stones where the center stone is often larger than the two on either side of it.
  • Custom– While solitaire, halo, pave, and three-stone settings can come in a wide variety, some brides want something that’s truly custom. If you have something in mind that is unconventional or simply unique we can help you create a custom engagement ring that suits your significant other perfectly.

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