DC Vintage Jewelry GiftMom deserves something special this Mother’s Day! Why not treat her to a one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry gift to show her how truly special she is?

Vintage jewelry gifts this Mother’s Day can be used to show the women in your life how unique they are. A vintage piece can be a staple in their jewelry box and serve as a reminder of just how important they are to their loved ones.

With over 125 years of experience, the experts at Charles Schwartz & Son are here to help you find the perfect vintage piece of jewelry.

Vintage pieces are often handmade, always distinctive and even sometimes created by techniques no longer practiced today.

It is considered “vintage” jewelry if the piece is between 50 and 100 years old. Whereas, Antique jewelry is over 100 years old and can be rarer than vintage jewelry which can make it more difficult to wear as it is very delicate.

DC Vintage Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mom

Vintage jewelry is so popular in fashion because of the vast range of styles and unique nature. From the Art Deco era to the Victorian era, Charles Schwartz has something to offer all collectors. You can explore ornate metal work, diverse designs with bold pieces, or go for a romantic gemstone set in a cocktail ring.

Vintage jewelry designs are easy to incorporate into outfits to create unique statements. Whether she wants to stand out from the crowd or wants something that is a unique reminder of her personality, a DC vintage jewelry gift is a perfect Mother’s Day gift idea.

Looking at the jewelry that she usually wears can offer insights into her preferences, but if you’re still unsure, let our professionals help you find the perfect gift.

Contact Charles Schwartz today for help find Mom the perfect DC vintage jewelry gift.