What is the Birthstone for December?

Lucky people born in December have three beautiful birthstones to choose from when picking out their signature jewelry:

  • Tanzanite: Tanzanite is a blue-purple variety of the mineral zoisite, found only in Tanzania. Often used as a duplicate for sapphire, this stone is admired for its deep blue hues and striking originality amongst other gems.
  • Zircon: Zircon is a stunning natural gemstone available in a variety of colors, including gorgeous shades of blue for December babies.
  • Turquoise: Turquoise is known for its distinct color, which ranges from powder blue to robin’s egg blue and everything in between. Dark patches run through the stone, making each gem unique to its beholder!

What Color is December’s Birthstone?

All three of December’s birthstones, Tanzanite, zircon, and turquoise, come in stunning various hues that rival some of the most precious and expensive gems in the world.

Although you can find these gems in many colors, blue is the most popular for December birthstone jewelry.

Best DC Jewelers for December Birthstone Jewelryribbed turquoise and 18-karat yellow matte gold necklace

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Finest Jewelers in DC Offering Birthstone Jewelry

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