Incorporate birthstone jewelry into your wedding look to make it extra sentimental and special.

Birthstone jewelry can be a unique addition to your wedding look.

Integrating birthstone jewelry into your wedding day attire birthstone jewelry

For your bridal outfit, you want everything to be perfect and uniquely sentimental. While that can be a hard combination to achieve, incorporating birthstone jewelry into your wedding look is a great way to do both. If your birthstone is a diamond (April), pearl (June), or opal (October) then you’re lucky- they can be seamlessly integrated into any white wedding palette. If it is a sapphire (September), aquamarine (March), or topaz (December), then a birthstone piece can make a perfect something blue. Other delicate gemstone pieces can add a splash of color to your stunning white ensemble. If you’re not a fan of your birthstone, consider wearing your finance’s birthstone as a romantic gesture. A birthstone piece can become a sentimental reminder of your special day and a treasure that you can pass on through your family.

Some pieces that won’t distract from the rest of your look are an elegant chain necklace, simple stud earrings, or a small ring. Delicate birthstone items are vital to making this look work for your wedding day. Choose an experienced jeweler like Charles Schwartz to help you with your search for the perfect birthstone item for your wedding outfit.

Birthstone jewelry at Charles Schwartz

At Charles Schwartz we have a wide selection of jewelry including many birthstone pieces. Our expert jewelers have been helping customers find jewelry they love for over 100 years, so you know that you can rely on our expertise. We’ll help you find a unique birthstone item to accessorize with your wedding look.

As Washington DC’s oldest jeweler, we look forward to helping you find the perfect birthstone jewelry item soon.