Engagement Ring in DCFinding the Perfect Engagement Ring in DC Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful. Let the Experts Help!

Advice from an expert jeweler can help ensure you are finding an engagement ring in DC that she’ll love forever.

Here are Tips for Finding Her Dream DC Engagement Ring:

  1. Know her size:During that special moment when you’re placing the perfect ring on your significant other’s finger, avoid the embarrassment of the ring not fitting correctly. Check your significant other’s jewelry box to find a ring they’ve worn recently to determine their ring size. If you don’t know – ask! Her friends or family likely know what she is looking for.
  2. Find the right style: Again, a jewelry box is a perfect place to start when determining the style of jewelry that your significant other prefers. Maybe she likes micro-pave or antique rings.  If she tends not to wear a lot of jewelry, her fashion style will help.
  3. Pick the perfect stone: When beginning to look for your ideal engagement ring stone your mind most likely goes right to diamond, but there are many alternative gem stones to consider. Both sapphires and emeralds are becoming a more popular choice for engagement rings. Etsy has even named birthstone engagement rings as one of their wedding trends of 2019.
  4. Pick a jeweler you can trust: If you’re unsure of how to begin your search for the perfect engagement ring it is essential to find a jeweler you can trust to help you make the right choice. The expert jewelers at Charles Schwartz have been matching individuals and couples with their perfect engagement rings for over 100 years so you know that you can rely on our expertise. We take pride in our name as one of the most recognizable jewelers in Washington DC.

As experienced jewelers, we look forward to helping you find the perfect engagement ring in DC.