Bruno Guidi Step Cut Watermelon Tourmaline Gold Ring

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A beautiful, fun to wear, Bruno Guidi handcrafted ring. It is a double step cut watermelon tourmaline, set in an 18k yellow gold, brushed finish mounting.

Bruno Guidi who devoted his entire career to creating magnificent, one-of-a-kind, hand crafted pieces of jewelry. The late Paul Desautels, former curator of the Smithsonian Institutions Department of Mineralogy, praised the jewelry saying, “One advantage of handcrafting jewelry versus pre-casting, is the uniqueness of each piece. No two pieces are alike.” Pre-casting considerably limits the artist, while freehand work lends itself toward better design and engineering of the jewelry, making a custom fit much easier.

The handcrafted jewels designed by Bruno Guidi are characterized by a timeless quality that reflects the era of Cleopatra and the concepts of tomorrow, yet they complement and enhance the fashions of today. Since long before they became fashionable Bruno Guidi was using beautiful, colored gemstones from Brazil, as a mainstay of his designs.

Signed “Bruno Guidi” “Brazil”

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