French Made Ruby Emerald Sapphire and Diamond 18K Yellow Gold Brooch

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This brooch has an amazing array of colors! The brooch contains over 35.00 carats in combination of all the Diamonds and Gemstones. This is designed in a domed shape, with honeycomb shaped settings for the round Rubies, leading into a star pattern of oval, round and cabochon Emeralds, oval Sapphires, round brilliant Diamonds, and oval Rubies. All of these Gemstones display bright and vibrant colors. The brooch measures 1.80 inches in diameter, and features a double pin closure in the back. The back of the brooch is marked “Made in France”.  Stone breakdown:

12 Diamonds – 1.32 carats
187 Rubies – 22.92 carats
18 Sapphires – 5.00 carats
19 Emeralds – 6.05 carats

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Cabochon, Oval-Cut, Round Brilliant-Cut, Round-Cut


Late 20th Century


Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire




18K, Yellow Gold